The vajra: cutting through to the truth

The FWBO-Files: A Response

Table of contents

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2.ISangharakshita’s Place in the Buddhist Tradition
2.IISangharakshita’s Training
2.II.aAs a Wandering Ascetic and in the Theravada
2.II.bSangharakshita — the Triyanist
2.IIITibetan Buddhism
2.III.aTantric Initiations
Sangharakshita’s attitude to initiations
Passing on initiations
2.III.bThe Approach to Texts
Summary of Sangharakshita’s Training
2.IVSangharakshita’s Career
2.IV.aInvolvement with Ambedkarism
2.IV.bInvolvement with British Buddhism in the 1960s
The Hampstead Buddhist Vihara
Sangharakshita’s departure from Hampstead
The “Real” Western Buddhist Order
3Sangharakshita’s Teachings in Theory and Practice
3.ISangharakshita’s actual teaching
3.I.aThe Question of Orthodoxy
3.I.bTranslation and Adaptation
3.IIThe Teachings of the FWBO
3.II.a“Higher and Lower Beings”
Sangharakshita and Nietzsche
“The Higher Evolution”
3.II.bSupport for Sangharakshita’s Approach
3.IIITheory and Practice
3.III.aMen & Women
3.III.bSex & Lifestyle
Beyond the Monk-Lay Split
Sex and Spiritual Life
3.III.cFamilies & Lifestyle
3.III.dSex & the FWBO
Heterosexuality and Homosexuality
The Charge of Coercion
Sex & Kalyana Mitrata
Sex & Sangharakshita
The Croydon Buddhist Centre
3.VBuddhism and Christianity
The Manner of Sangharakshita’s Discussion of Christianity
4Allegations against the FWBO
4.I.aSupplementary Benefit and Housing Benefit
4.I.bPhoenix Housing Co-operative
4.IIThe FWBOs Education Work
4.IIIThe Ambitions of the FWBO
5.I“Sexual Evolution”, Dhammadinna. An article on development of sexual mores in the FWBO.
5.II“Learning the Harsh Way” Vishvapani.
A personal account of the Croydon Buddhist Centre.
5.IIIControversy Over the FWBO’s Educational Work
5.III.aStatement from the FWBO Communications Office
5.III.bLetters to the Times Educational Supplement from Vishvapani;
The Association of Religious Education Advisers and Consultants;
Bhikkhu Dhammaratana.
Letter from Charles Clarke MP