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2 Sangharakshita

IV. Sangharakshita’s Career

b | Sangharakshita’s Involvement with British Buddhism in the 1960s


Perhaps reflecting the acrimony of this period, The FWBO Files now makes the extremely serious charge that Sangharakshita was, in effect, responsible for two suicides. First:

A young man, whom Sangharakshita had apparently been counseling through a drug problem, and with whom he had struck up a “friendship”, disappeared from the Vihara and was found dead in the Thames on the 1st of January 1967. [ The FWBO Files, 12 ]

This story is a complete fabrication — and a highly implausible one at that. Attentive readers will observe that Sangharakshita was in India on this date; he himself has no idea what this story refers to. Then The FWBO Files makes a similar charge [ The FWBO Files, 12 ] concerning Sangharakshita’s friend Terry Delamare. Sangharakshita and Terry were close friends; they shared a flat and Terry accompanied Sangharakshita on his trip to India, but this was not a sexual relationship. [ 81 ] The assertion that Delamare killed himself because he realised that he had been duped into a homosexual relationship is entirely without foundation. [ 82 ]

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81 ]
Dharmachari Kuladeva is alleged to have said that Sangharakshita had more than just a friendship with Delamare. Kuladeva says that he knows nothing of Sangharakshita’s relationship with Terry Delamare and that he has never spoken to anyone in those terms. He asked us on his behalf to deny vigorously these claims.
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82 ]
The FWBO Files says that Sangharakshita gave an implausible explanation for Delamare’s death: that it resulted from guilt around his father’s profession as a butcher. No source is cited for this — Sangharakshita has never said anything of the sort. Whilst it is true that Sangharakshita took over the flat in Highgate which had been previously occupied by Terry and himself (The FWBO Files omits the fact they were already sharing the flat), this was not after Terry’s suicide, but nine months prior to it. Terry moved out to live with his girlfriend.
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