The vajra: cutting through to the truth

3 Sangharakshita’s Teachings in Theory and Practice

III Theory and Practice

After a few paragraphs on FWBO theory, The FWBO Files turns to how this alleged theory is instituted in practice. The present document is a Response to the allegations in The FWBO Files. However, it is not an attempt to depict the FWBO as being wholly flawless. Individuals in the FWBO have sometimes engaged in harsh or even unethical actions — and there is at least one example of the collective culpability, in this respect, of a group within the FWBO. We do not want to present a whitewash. However, The FWBO Files is not essentially concerned with individuals, other than Sangharakshita, but with the FWBO as a whole. It charges that teachings and practices in the FWBO have legitimised behaviour it considers unacceptable. While accepting that there may well have been lapses on the part of individuals, this Response will argue that, correctly understood, Sangharakshita’s teachings do not legitimise abusive behaviour. Indeed, his teaching has perhaps placed a greater emphasis on the importance of ethics within an individual’s Buddhist practice than any other contemporary teacher.

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