The vajra: cutting through to the truth

The Guardian’s Article on the FWBO


On Monday 27th of October [1997] The Guardian published an article by it’s Religious Affairs Editor, Madeleine Bunting, entitled “The Dark Side of Enlightenment”. The article raises a number of concerns about the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. This document is intended to articulate a response to some of the major issues it raises, including an analysis of some of the ways in which the article is misrepresentative.

The issue is complex in itself, since it involves a long period of time and many people, and it introduces discussion of a variety of ideas and principles, some of which are very subtle. A further complexity arises because the publication of the article calls on all involved with the WBO and FWBO to examine their own position. It is unfortunate that this examination is taking place in the light of a public debate that is being conducted in a simplistic and sensational way.

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